Our services include all levels of decision making. We take samples, conduct surveys, monitor projects, develop strategies and provide tools that help our customers reach their goals.

We are Finland’s leading company specialised in the underwater environment.We provide our customers with expertise and solutions related to the marine and freshwater environment, tools for working underwater, as well as solutions for data collection and analysis in difficult environments. In the past years, Alleco has expanded its services and expertise to include natural resource management and climate change related issues from the equator to the Arctic.

Our current owners, Jouni Leinikki and Panu Oulasvirta founded Alleco in 1989. Both were already then experienced scientific divers, which made the company unique in Finland. Diving was for a long time central to practically all Alleco’s activities.

Today we also use other methods than diving in our daily work. We create policies and strategies together with our customers, as well as planning and implementation of projects. We also develop new software, tools and equipment for professionals working in rough environments – marine or terrestrial. All of our products are tested by us in our own work.

We are also in the frontline when it comes to developing tools for the management and analysis of data. Our expertise include both geographical modelling as well as statistical analysis.

Our core values are:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • A good working environment
  • High-quality outputs
  • Respecting the environment
  • Continuos development as a company and as individuals

Alleco - marine biology