Water- and environment permit applications

  • Supplementary zoobenthos assessment at Hanhikivi of Pyhäjoki for a nuclear power plant construction works in 2013
  • Aquatic nature surveillance for the water permit process of the planned Suurhiekka offshore windfarm in 2011–2012
  • Freshwater mussel survey in Haarajoki 2012
  • Assessment of Macrolpea pubipennis in Otaniemi 2012
  • Assessment of aquatic vegetation and zoobenthos for the planned spoilgound options in the Espoo archipelago 2012
  • Macroplea pubipennis mapping in Sipoonlahti 2010
  • Macroplea pubipennis mapping in Soukanlahti 2010
  • Mapping of aquatic vegetation and marine biotopes off Siikajoki in 2010
  • Aquatic vegetation assessments for the Hamina harbour shiplane dredging in 2005 and 2009